Be safe, be seen this winter

3 months ago Thu 9th Nov 2023

Text reads: Be safe, be seen

As the days get shorter, we're all about making sure your journey is as safe as it can be, both on and off our buses. Here's some easy tips to make sure your journeys go to plan this autumn and winter.

1. Shine Bright, Stay Safe:

Night seems to be getting here earlier, so make sure you can be seen. Pop on a high-vis or throw on some bright and colourful clothes to help make our drivers' day (and night) a whole lot easier. 

When you're waiting at an unlit bus stop, try giving us a wave using your phone screen's glow. Crank up the brightness, but please keep your torch function turned off to keep our drivers' vision crystal clear.

2. Track Your Bus in Real-Time:

Why wait in the cold when you can track your bus with the East Yorkshire Buses app? Stay informed (and warm) with real-time tracking that shows you where your bus is and when it's due. Even though our buses are tech-savvy, making sure you get to your stop a little bit early ensures that you can get where you need to be, no matter what surprises WiFi or network connections have in store.

3. Share Your Location:

It's generally best to make sure you let someone know your plan, so shoot a text to let someone know where you're off and when you're expecting to get there. Most modern smartphones have a emergency contact feature, and apps like Hollie Guard can help alert trusted contacts if you need them.

4. Stay Aware:

Keep your phone handy, but maybe save the tunes and phone calls for later. Keep yourself tuned in to your surroundings so that you're aware of what's going on around you.

5. Feeling Unsure? We're Right Here:

Your comfort and safety are our biggest priorities. If you're feeling like something's not quite right, just flag down one of our buses. We've got your back, and we're here to make sure you get home safe and sound.