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Temporary timetables on Hull/Beverley services

19th Sep onwards

From Sunday 19 September we’re making temporary changes to some buses in Hull and Beverley, to help us run services while we recruit more bus drivers.

We’re sorry we haven’t been able to run services to our normal standard recently, and these temporary timetables should help us maintain a more reliable service.

Along with many other industries, bus operators across the country are experiencing a shortage of staff, leaving the company with not enough drivers to operate routes each day.

The situation has worsened since the return of students to school and college last week, as the company operates over 60 journeys to schools and colleges every day.

The problem has also been compounded by issues at the DVLA, where delays issuing licences to bus drivers means that the company has had to wait weeks, or even months, before newly recruited drivers can start their training.

The only services affected by the temporary timetables are:

Service 54 will run every 20 minutes, instead of every 15 minutes.
Services 56/57 will run every 20 minutes, instead of every 15 minutes.
Service 63 will run every 30 minutes, instead of every 20 minutes.
Service 66 will run every 15 minutes, instead of every 10 minutes.
Service 105 will run every 30 minutes, instead of every 20 minutes.
Hull Service 103 is temporarily suspended, please use Services 104/105 instead.
Beverley Service 122 is temporarily suspended. Please use the Beverley Locals buses instead.
All other services run as normal.

See the new timetables by looking on the app and changing the date to the day you will be travelling, or visit our website.

These disruptions could affect future journeys

Hull: Roadworks at Bilton/Asda.

26th Jan - 20th Feb

Hull: Main Road in Bilton will have evening road closures between 1800 and 2300 from the 26th January until the 20th February. The service 277 ex Hedon at 1850 will have to divert via Holmes Lane and the A165 via Ganstead.

The bus stop at ASDA will see a full 24hr closure whilst that phase of the works is taking place. Service 56 and 57 will omit ASDA during the closure and will instead turn directly into Ark Royal and terminate at the rear of ASDA. Service 242 and 277 will not be able to stop and should use the next stop just before the second Ark Royal junction.