Helping Hands

Helping Hands is an award winning scheme that empowers bus users to discreetly and directly advise of any assistance they may require. The card can be particularly helpful for customers with non-visible disabilities.

The yellow card holds a brief written instruction for the driver that can be shown upon boarding the bus. The driver is immediately made aware of the customer's needs or requirements without the customer having to verbally communicate it.

The helping hands cards can also be used off the bus - for example, "Please face me I lip read" can help anywhere at any time.

Some examples:

A yellow card saying 'priority seating required'.

A yellow card saying 'please wait until seated'.

A yellow card saying 'I have epilepsy'.

A yellow card saying 'pushchair can't be folded'.

There are further examples available on the Helping Hand webpage, although they will discuss with you personally your requirements, and create bespoke designs on request.

The reverse of the card can display, if required, the customer's name and emergency contact number. This is optional, but it can offer assurance and instill confidence that, if needed, someone they know can be called upon for help. This is especially relevant for customers living with epilepsy, Alzheimer's or dementia.

How to apply for a Helping Hand card

Applying is easy, simply contact our sister company Brighton and Hove Buses, either by applying online at or by calling 01273 886 200.