Gender Pay Gap Reporting

Gender Pay Reporting for East Yorkshire

The data used for this exercise is that for the relevant employees at April 2020.

The calculations can be used to assess the levels of gender equality in the company and the balance of male and female employees at different levels.

Workforce Composition

East Yorkshire is a public transport operator and the majority of its workforce are drivers and engineers, traditionally areas that did not attract female applicants in the past, and this is reflected in the composition of our workforce.

Gender Pay Gap Mean and Median

Gender pay gap mean: 8.1%
Gender pay gap median: -1.4%

These are significantly below the national mean of 14.4% and median of 15.4%.

Quartile Analysis Male and Female




Lower (0-25%)



Lower Middle (25-50%)



Upper Middle (50-75%)



Upper (75-100%)



Like many traditional industries we have a lower proportion of females employed in our senior roles and hence the upper pay quartile and this is the main driver of the gender pay gap.

Bonus Pay Mean and Median

Mean gender bonus gap: 10.7%
Media gender bonus gap: -50.0%

These are significantly below the national mean and median.

Bonus Pay Proportion

The proportion of male employees receiving a bonus is 20.5%

The proportion of female employees receiving a bonus is 38.2%

Where do these figures come from?

The above figures have been extracted from our April 2020 payroll and ranked according to pay and gender to calculate the figures shown.

I have examined the data and supporting workings and am satisfied that they fulfill the reporting requirements of the GPR legislation.

Ben Gilligan
Area Director
East Yorkshire
2 February 2020

You can see gender pay gap reporting data from previous years on the Go-Ahead website.