Track how busy your bus is

1 year ago Thu 11th Jun 2020

You can now track how busy your bus will be - in real-time, or when planning a journey.

Real time busy bus tracker

Simply search for your bus stop on our map, click on your stop, and select 'track buses'.  You'll see all buses in real-time.  Select the bus you want, and you'll see real-time information about that bus, including how busy the bus is, if it's a single or double decker, and whether it has features such as wi-fi or USB charging.  Try it now!

And great news - this is now available on the East Yorkshire Buses app, too!  Simply go to 'Explore' in the menu, make sure live buses are turned on, choose the services you want to see and tap a bus - all the info about this bus will come up on your screen.  (Please note, you'll need to have the latest update to the app to see this).

If you're planning a journey for the future, you can also use our When2Travel tool to predict how busy a journey will be, so you can travel at quiet times.

An example of the information that can be seen about each bus