5th February - 6th March

Wrap up warmly this winter and enjoy the breathtaking display of snowdrops here.

Every February, thousands of hardy snowdrops push through the cold winter ground to create a magnificent ‘white carpet’ across the woodland floor here at Burton Agnes. Walking peacefully among these makes a truly memorable day out at the end of the long winter. The beautiful little flowers grow in numbers each year and are such a welcome sight. This biblical symbol of hope reminds us that winter eventually gives way to spring, and announces the new season.

Galanthophiles may also like to buy some Burton Agnes-propagated snowdrops ‘in the green’, which is the best way of building a collection.

Please note that in gale force winds the woodland walk will close. Please phone the office on 01262 490 324 if you would like advice.

The woodland is open for walking among the snowdrops from the 5th February to 6th March 2022, from 11am to 4pm daily.

Garden admission applies 

Catch a 121, 45, 45A, 46 or 46A bus to Burton Agnes Hall!


Prices start from £10.90

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