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September service changes

6 months ago Tue 13th Aug 2019

From Sunday 1 September 2019 there will be changes to some buses across the area.  This includes additional early morning and Sunday buses, as well as some route and timetable changes.

The following services will have changes, with details below:


Cottingham, Avenues & University buses

Service 63: All buses will now use the same route, with all travelling from Hull Interchange to Castle Hill Hospital via Anlaby Road & Priory Road, giving more journeys in Cottingham, with buses up to every 20 minutes from the village.  Buses will use the stop on Priory Road outside Ledbury Road, rather than going into the Ledbury Road estate itself, as parking issues mean buses are having difficulty getting around the smaller estate roads.  Service 63 will only travel as far as Castle Hill Hospital, with Service 180 replacing the section to Beverley (see below).  View the Service 63 timetable.

Service 180: This will replace the section of the Service 63 journey between Cottingham & Beverley via Skidby & Walkington, but with a reduced frequency.  Service 80 is unaffected.  View the Service 180 timetable.

Service 103: There'll be a new route for Service 103, now serving Inglemire Lane.  This service will no longer go all the way to Cottingham, instead travelling between Hull Interchange & Hull University, via The Avenues.  Its new route will be Spring Bank, Princes Avenue, Newland Avenue, Cranbrook Avenue, Inglemire Lane, Hall Road & Cottingham Road.  See the Service 103 timetable.

Service 105: This service will continue to travel from Hull Interchange to Cottingham via the University, but will now continue to Castle Hill Hospital via St Margaret's Avenue.  It will remain at the same frequency of up to every 20 minutes during the day.  As The Lawns will close, the bus will no longer serve The Lawns site.  View the Service 105 timetable.

Service 106 & 106S: The late night 106S bus will have a new route into Hull.  Buses will start on Inglemire Lane (near the Sports Centre) and serve Hall Road & Cottingham Road before following the current route to Spiders.  The 106 return service from Hull is unchanged and continues to Cottingham.  View the Late Night Service 106 timetable.  View the Late Night Service 106S timetable.

Service 107 Night Bus: This student late night bus has a new route & no longer serves Cottingham.  Instead, it will pick up outside Asylum on the university campus, then travel in a circuit via Newland Avenue, Princes Avenue, Spring Bank, Beverley Road and Cottingham Road back to the university.  Journeys run on Wednesday evenings during University term time, plus special events.  View the Night Bus 107 timetable.

Service 115: Service 115 will be renumbered to Service 104 to make it more obvious that it runs as a circular service with Service 154.  There will also be three extra early morning journeys into Hull, with the first leaving Castle Hill Hospital at 5.33am.  From autumn 2019, these buses will feature free Wifi & USB charging.  View the Service 104 timetable.

Service 154: There will be extra early morning buses into Hull, with the first leaving Castle Hill Hospital at 5.41am.  From autumn 2019, these buses will feature free Wifi & USB charging.  View the Service 154 timetable.


Service 33/34/44: Hull-Willerby

There will be extra buses on Sundays, now up to every 30 minutes during the main shopping hours.  There are minor changes to the times of some journeys & some more journeys in the morning will now serve Willerby Parkway.  See the Service 33/34/44 timetable.


Services 56/57: Hessle-Hull-Longhill

There will be extra weekday morning buses, with an earlier bus from Hessle Square at 5.30am & extra buses from ASDA & Longhill towards the City Centre during the morning rush hour.  See the Service 56/57 timetable.


Service 66: Hull-Hessle

There will be more Sunday buses, now up to every 30 minutes during the day.  Some Sunday evening buses have minor changes to their times to offer a better choice of buses between Hull & Hessle.

On weekdays, there will be new earlier journeys, with buses starting at 5.10am, then every 30 minutes until 6.40am before following the existing timetable.  See the Service 66 timetable.


Service 88: Goole-Rawcliffe-Rawcliffe Bridge

There will now be more journeys, with buses now running three times a day, every weekday, offering more opportunity to get to and from the shops in Goole.  View the Service 88 timetable.


Service 121: Beverley-Hull

A new early morning weekday journey will start at Beverley Bus Station at 5.35am, heading into Hull.  View the new Service 121 timetable.


Service 143: Beverley-Ferriby

The bus at 4.40pm on Wednesday & Saturday will now run at 4.55pm.  Other journeys will have minor timing changes to improve reliability.  View the new Service 143 timetable.


Services 151/152/153: Hull-Anlaby

The end point for Service 152 in Anlaby will now be Spire Hospital.  In addition, Sunday evening buses will have minor timing changes.  Also, on weekdays, the 7.25am Service 151 from Hull to Willerby will now start at 7.20am.  View the Service 151/152/153 timetable.


Service 183: Hessle Town

This bus will now be run by East Yorkshire, running every Friday, linking parts of Hessle including Hessle Square and Sainsbury's.  View the Service 183 timetable.


Service 350: Hull-Scunthorpe

All journeys will now run in and out of Hull Interchange via Park Street to give a speedier journey, no longer serving stops in the City Centre.  This will result in minor timetable changes.  View the Service 350 timetable.


Service 360/361: Goole-Scunthorpe

There will be minor timing changes to improve reliability.  In addition, the early morning bus on weekdays and the last bus back to Swinefleet will no longer run.  View Service 360/361 timetable.


Services 520/521: Beverley Town

The last bus on weekdays will now be the 3.55pm journey from Beverley Bus Station, and on Saturday will be the 4.25pm journey.  View the Service 520/521 timetable.


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