New! Flexi5 ticket bundles

1 year ago Wed 24th Jun 2020

New!  Flexi5 tickets.  Like a weekly ticket, but a bit more flexible.

Get five days of travel to use whenever you like, for the same price as a weekly ticket.

Since lockdown started, things have got a lot less predictable.  One day you’re working from home, the next you’re in the office, the next you’re calling round to check on an elderly relative.  Your plans change at a moment’s notice.

So we’re changing with you.  Our new Flexi5 tickets are perfect for your lockdown life.  Instead of buying a weekly ticket and being tied in to travelling all week, you can now buy a Flexi5 ticket and get five days of travel, to use whenever you like.*  Activate your days one by one, as and when you need them. 

Going into work?  Activate a day and get 24 hours of travel.  Working from home?  No need to activate a ticket, save them for when you need to travel.  Use your five days of travel on any day, at any time.

Buy a Flexi5 ticket bundle on the East Yorkshire Buses app now.

* Tickets must be activated within twelve months of purchase.