Coronavirus and buses update

10 months ago Wed 8th Apr 2020

An update on coronavirus and buses

Update: 25 February 2021

  • Timetables: Most bus services are now back to normal services, although some buses in Hull and some evening buses are running to special lockdown timetables.
  • Upcoming timetable changes: Services 56 & 57 will return to their normal times during the day on 8 March.  Evening journeys will still be on a reduced timetable for now, and other services which are on a lockdown timetable will continue to run to their special times.  We'll be monitoring passenger numbers as social distancing restrictions gradually lift, and increasing services as and when needed.
  • Who can travel?  Now we are in a new national lockdown, government advice is that if you need to travel you should stay local, and the list of reasons you can leave your home and area include, but are not limited to, work (where you cannot reasonably work from home), accessing education and for caring responsibilities, visiting those in your support bubble (or your childcare bubble for childcare), visiting hospital, your GP or other medical appointments, or visits where you have had an accident or are concerned about your health, buying goods and services that you need (but this should be within your local area wherever possible), outdoor exercise (this should be done locally wherever possible, but you can travel a short distance within your area to do so if necessary, for example to access an open space) and attending to the care and exercise of any animal.  You should not travel at all if you have been told by the NHS Test and Trace service to self-isolate, are experiencing any coronavirus symptoms, or are self-isolating as a result of coronavirus symptoms or sharing a household or support bubble with someone who has symptoms.  This advice can change and can vary from area to area - please ensure you stay up to date with government advice.
  • When should I travel? Due to social distancing, buses can carry fewer passengers than normal, so please try to travel at quiet times if you can.  You can plan your journeys around quiet times using our When2Travel journey planner, which predicts how busy individual journeys are likely to be.  On the day you travel, you can track your bus in real time to see how busy it is, along with useful information such as whether it's a single or double decker bus.
  • What happens if my bus is full?  As buses can carry fewer people due to social distancing, it is possible some journeys may become full.  The bus will then show 'Bus Full' on the destination display, and will not stop to pick anyone else up until people have alighted to provide free seats.  You will have to wait for the next bus.  You can help keep buses clear by travelling at quiet times.  Find out the best times to travel by using our When2Travel tool to predict how busy buses will be, and see how busy your bus is on the day using our real-time bus tracker.  If the last bus of the day on a particular route becomes full, we will either send a second bus out, or we will continue to pick people up even after social distancing capacity is reached, so that no one is left stranded.  Since the schools returned, we have seen buses especially busy at school start/finish times, so if you can, please avoid these times.  We are monitoring passenger numbers on a daily basis, and we are using all our available resources to put on as many extra buses as we can, including 75 dedicated school buses and extra buses at certain times on Services 7/7A, 66, 77, 104, 128, 154 & X46.
  • Face coverings: You will have to wear a face covering when you travel on the bus.  Find out about face coverings, how to make one, and who is exempt from wearing one.
  • Buying a ticket: Please use contactless payments or buy a ticket in advance on the East Yorkshire Buses app, if you can.  We are still accepting cash to pay for tickets, but please only use cash if you have no alternative.
  • Travel to vaccination centres: If you're an East Riding concessionary passholder who is going to an early morning vaccination appointment, you may use your pass to travel for free, even if you need to travel before 9.30am.  Just bring your appointment letter or other proof of your appointment to show to the bus driver.
  • Social distancing: Please remember social distancing both at your stop, and on board the bus.  Keep two metres apart, and follow signage on the buses which show you where to sit, and what to do when alighting.  The government also advise downloading the NHS COVID-19 app - find out more information on the NHS website.
  • Help for those with disabilities: If you have a disability and need assistance, or have a sight impairment and want help finding the nearest available seat, our drivers are still there to help.  Simply speak to the driver as you board.
  • Extra cleaning: We have been cleaning our buses even more thoroughly since the crisis began, with cleaners stationed at busy points to clean buses between journeys, extra cleaning of high touch points such as handrails and seats, and disinfectant 'fogging' of buses to help clean every nook and cranny.  We also have new cleaning verification technology, which assesses cleaning effectiveness.  You can see a video highlighting our extra cleaning regimes.
  • Hand sanitiser: Please wash your hands or use hand sanitiser before and after every journey.  We now have hand sanitiser dispensers on all of our buses.
  • Travel Centres: Our Hull Travel Centre is now open, but our Scarborough Travel Centre is still closed.  You can get advice from BusLine by ringing 01482 59 29 29, open 7am-7pm Monday-Friday and 8am-6pm Saturday.
  • A guide to the simple, common-sense advice you can follow when using buses can be seen below:

Staying safe on the bus