£2 fares extended into 2024!*

£2 extended

Welcome in the new year with hassle-free, affordable travel across our network!

We've extended our fare offer meaning you can embark on any East Yorkshire bus journey for just £2 per single ride*, offering a convenient and budget-friendly way to get around the region.

Where Can You Hop On Board for £2?

The bus fare cap is applicable to most single journeys on East Yorkshire buses, making transportation accessible for everyone. It's important to note that some dedicated school, college, and contract services are excluded from this offer. Additionally, Scarborough Park & Ride and open-top services are not part of the scheme.

New to Bus Travel? We've Got You Covered!

Travelling by bus is super easy, and we understand that your first time can be a bit daunting. Here's a quick guide to help you navigate your journey:

  1. Plan Ahead: Use the East Yorkshire Buses app or Journey Planner to know which bus to catch, find your closest bus stop, and check the arrival time.

  2. Arrive Early: Get to the bus stop 5-10 minutes before your bus arrives. Use the Live Tracker to see your bus's real-time location.

  3. Boarding: Signal the driver by raising your arm when your bus approaches. If it's late at night, use the light from your phone to alert the driver you're there. Let passengers exit before boarding. The driver is there to help you, so feel free to ask any questions.

  4. Ticketing: Inform the driver of your destination and whether you want a single or return ticket. Pay with cash, card, contactless, or the East Yorkshire Buses app

  5. Enjoy the Ride: Take a seat, press the 'STOP' button when needed, and relax as we get you to your destination.


Q: Will the £2 fare be extended to 2024 as advertised?

A: Yes, we've secured funding to extend our £2 fare until 31 December 2024.

Q: I've bought my £2 fare tickets on the EY Buses app before the extension, what happens to my tickets?

A: Those who have already purchased £2 tickets on the East Yorkshire Buses app will find that their tickets will be automatically extended, ensuring a seamless and hassle-free experience for those who’ve embraced the convenience of mobile tickets.

Q: What journeys does it cover?

A: The Bus Fare Cap Grant scheme is available for most single journeys on East Yorkshire Buses. However, there are a few exceptions - some dedicated school, college, and contract services are excluded from this offer. Additionally, Scarborough Park & Ride and Beachcomber services are not part of this scheme.

Q: Is there a maximum distance?

A: No, there isn't a maximum distance, but the cap only covers local buses, not inter-city coach journeys.

Q: What payment methods are included?

A: All on-bus payment methods are accepted, including cash, card, and contactless.

Q: Does this cap cover child fares too?

A: Yes, the £2 fare applies to both adult and child single fares.

Q: How long does the offer last? A: The offer is currently valid until the end of June 2024, with the expectation of securing appropriate governmental funding to maintain this offer until the end of 2024. We advise our customers to stay tuned to our social media channels and website for any further news.

*Extension of the £2 fare past 31 December 2024 is subject to government approval and funding. Terms and conditions apply. The offer is not valid on some school, college, and contract services. At the end of the scheme, any £2 single tickets will not be valid, and inactivated tickets will be automatically cancelled with possible refunds.