£2 fare cap until 31 December

Text reads: £2 bus fares until the end of December! A photo of a family running through leaves.

Until 31 December, you can hop on board any East Yorkshire bus for just £2 per single journey*!

To help people get around, and to ease pressures of funding travel, you can take a single journey on any East Yorkshire bus and not pay more than £2. If you currently pay less than £2 already, then you don't need to worry - it'll stay the same.

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Where can I hop on board for £2?

The bus fare cap is available for most single journeys on East Yorkshire buses. However, there are a few exceptions - some dedicated school, college, and contract services are excluded from this offer. Additionally, Scarborough Park & Ride is not part of this scheme.

I'm new to travelling by bus, do you have any tips?

It's super easy to travel by bus - but we know that if you've never hopped on board before, your first time travelling with us can be a bit daunting. That's why we've put together a quick guide to tell you what to expect.

  1. Before you're travelling, make sure you know which bus you need to catch, where your closest bus stop is & what time your bus is due to arrive there. If you're planning on getting the bus home too, you'll want to check for return journeys too so you don't miss your last bus! Don't worry, we've got a really easy way of doing this: simply download the East Yorkshire Buses app, or use our Journey Planner
  2. Head out to the bus stop, all of which are clearly marked with a sign on the top. Remember, multiple buses that go to different destinations may use the same stop, so always make sure you check the number on the front of the bus to make sure it's the one you're after! Make sure you get there with about 5-10 minutes to spare so that you don't miss it - or use our Live Tracker to see where your bus is in real time.
  3. When your bus is coming, raise your arm to the side to let the driver know that you want to get on board, and make sure that the driver has seen your signal (i.e. the indicators are flashing), before you lower your arm. Remember, other people waiting at the same stop as you may not be waiting for the same service, so it's always better to signal yourself. Once it's there, let any passengers who want to get off the bus step off before you board. If you find it difficult to get onto the bus, the driver can lower the bus for you - however, at bus stops without a raised pavement, you may still have to step up to get on.
  4. Now that you're on board, you'll want a ticket... Tell the driver where you're travelling to and whether you want a single or return ticket. When it comes to paying, if you're using cash it's best to have the correct money for your fare, but we do give change when available. You can also pay using your card, your smartphone, or using the East Yorkshire Buses app. If you're using a pass, place it on the drivers ticket machine until you hear a beep. If you're using an app ticket, place the QR code face up on the ticket machine so the camera can see it. Don't forget that your driver is there to help, so if you're unsure of if you have any questions, please ask!
  5. Take a seat, and enjoy the journey! That's it - you've done it, now it's time to sit back and relax whilst we get you to where you need to be. Make sure you press one of the many 'STOP' buttons on board to let the driver know where you want to get off - unless someone has already done it before you. The bus will stop at a bus stop, the driver will open the doors & you're ready to go and enjoy the rest of your day!


Q: I've heard that the £2 fare will be extended to the end of 2024, but you're advertising the end of 2023. Will this not be the case?

A: . Although it isn't a legal requirement for bus operators to partake or extend their £2 fare offer, we know that may people across the region enjoy and benefit from the discounted travel. We're currently in talks with governmental authorities about securing funding for the 2024 period to ensure that other areas of the business are not impacted in a negative way financially.

Q: What journeys does it cover?

A: The Bus Fare Cap Grant scheme is available for most single journeys on East Yorkshire Buses. However, there are a few exceptions - some dedicated school, college, and contract services are excluded from this offer. Additionally, Scarborough Park & Ride and Beachcomber services are not part of this scheme.

Q: Is there a maximum distance?

A: No, there isn’t a maximum distance. But the cap only covers local buses – it doesn’t cover inter-city coach journeys.

Q: What payment methods are included?

A: All on bus payment methods are included, including cash, card and contactless payments.

Q: Does this cap cover child fares too?

A: This fare will apply to both adult & child single fares.

Q: I have a concessionary ticket and get free/discounted travel. Will I have to pay £2?

A: Nobody will pay more than they usually do for a journey. If you were previously paying less than £2, or if your journey was free of charge, nothing changes.

Q: I usually get a weekly ticket for my journey. Am I better off paying £2 for individual journeys?

A: That depends on how many single journeys you make. Some passengers, especially those who travel long journeys multiple times a day, will find that their weekly ticket etc. is better value.

Q: What happens if I change buses – do I have to pay £2 twice?

A: Yes you do. The fare cap only applies to a journey on a single bus.

Q: How long does the offer last?

A: The offer currently runs until 31 December 2023.

*Exclusion and variations do apply -  offer not valid on some school, college and contract services. This scheme is valid to 31 December 2023. At the end of the scheme, any £2 single tickets will not be valid & any inactivated tickets will automatically be cancelled and payment refunded where possible.