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9 months ago Wed 1st Apr 2020

Bus Academy

We know that a lot of you have small kids stuck at home at the moment, who you're desperately trying to keep entertained.

We also know that lots of little kids (and some big kids!) love buses.

So in the Bus Academy, we're putting together a few little activities for you to do, that'll hopefully give you a few minutes peace, and give you time to sit down and have a cup of tea.  More to come soon...

Take a look at:

  • Spot the differences
  • Wordsearches
  • Frame Game
  • Art Challenges
  • Mazes
  • Maths puzzles
  • English exercises
  • Language skills
  • The emoji game
  • Where's BOB?
  • Model challenge
  • Anagrams

Spot the difference!

Can you find 8 differences between these pictures?  If you get stuck, you can see the answers - but no cheating!

Two slightly different pictures of our Beachcomber open top bus

We've added a second spot the difference activity! Can you find 8 differences in the two photos below?  See the answers.

Spot the difference images, with two pictures showing 8 differences for people to spot

Can you find 8 differences in the two photos below?  See the answers.

Spot the difference picture

Can you find eight differences between these two photos of two of our hard-working cleaning team?  See the answers.

Two men in high-viz clothing stand beside two double decker buses

Can you find all eight differences in this extra-difficult spot the difference?  See the answers.

Spot the difference with buses spelling NHS

Can you spot the 8 difference between these pictures of our Beachcomber buses? See the answers.

Spot the difference game with two open top buses

Can you spot the 8 differences in these vintage open top bus photos? See the answers.

Spot the difference game with two vintage open top buses


Use your reading skills to find 15 bus-related words in our wordsearch.

Play now!

We've added a second wordsearch! 14 words - all places East Yorkshire operate buses.

Play now!

Here's another wordsearch.  Find bus themed jobs in the grid.

Play now!

Find some of our East Yorkshire villages in the grid.

Play now!

Find places we'd like to visit after lockdown.

Play now!

Frame Game

Are you quick enough to stop the bus in the frame? Take part on our Twitter page.

Play now!

Art Challenge

Design your own East Yorkshire livery! The more creative, the better...

Blank double decker bus

White open top bus cartoon

Side drawing of single deck bus


Line mazeMaze activity

If you've worked it out, look at the answer to see if you're right - but no cheating!

Squiggle puzzle for children

Squiggle puzzle for children

Maths puzzle

Maths puzzle

If you've worked it out, look at the answer to see if you're right - but no cheating!

Maths puzzle

Find the answers to our second maths puzzle here.

Difficult maths puzzle

Find the answers to the above maths puzzle here.

English exercises

In the Bus Academy today, we're doing an English exercise.
Here's a picture of B.O.B. the East Yorkshire robot. We want you to write a short story about B.O.B., telling us what you would say to him if you met him, and what he would tell you about his life. Where does he come from? What is he made of? Does he have special powers? Use your imagination!

A large colourful robot stands by a bus

This little doggy was left behind on a bus one day 😥
Write a short story about how the dog got lost, and how he managed to return back home to his owners.  Don't forget to check all your spelling!

A grey fluffy toy dog

Language skills

Learn how to say thank you to the bus driver in different languages!

French - Merci (Pronounced "mair-cee").

German - Danke ("dank-er").

Spanish - Gracias ("grah-see-ahz").

Italian - Grazi ("graht-zee-ah").

Russian - Spasibo ("spa-see-bah").

Swedish - Tack ("tak").

Afrikaans - Dankie ("Dahn-key").

Hindi - Shukriyaa ("shook-ree-ah").

Japanese - Arigato ("ah-ree-gah-toe").

Cantonese - Doh je ("dor-jay").

Phillipino - Salamat (pronounced as written).

Polish - Dziękuje.

Greek - Ευχαριστώ πολύ ("efharisto poli").

Thank you to Daniel, Klein, Teresa and Julie for sending in more 'thank yous' in other languages!

The Emoji Game

The clues below represent five places our buses go to.  Can you guess where they are?  (Some are more tenuous than others).

Emoji game

Once you've got them, see the Emoji game answers to check you're right.  No cheating!

Where's BOB?

Find BOB the robot amongst the other robots.

Where's BOB?

Find BOB at Big Bus Day!

Where's BOB 2

Where's Bob game

Model challenge

Ashley, a member of the East Yorkshire cleaning team, made this version of our bus tribute out of his model buses.  Can you produce something similar?

Model buses spell out the letters NHS

Pairs Puzzle

Two - and only two - of the Coaster buses below are identical.  The others have subtle differences.  Can you find the only matching pair?

Pictures of Coaster buses

Find the pair colourful shirts

Spot the matching tops on the washing line

Spot the matching buses


Bus word anagrams

Place name anagrams