Beverley & Hornsea buses

3 months ago Tue 17th Aug 2021

An illustration of a Beverley Locals bus

From 5 September we're revamping our Beverley and Hornsea buses, including:

Read on for the full details...

NEW service between Hornsea, Beverley, Castle Hill Hospital & Hessle

From 5 September Services 246 & 80 will be replaced by new Service 25, which will provide new connections between Hornsea and Castle Hill Hospital.

The bus will use the old Service 246 route from Hornsea to Beverley, then will continue on to Cottingham, Castle Hill Hospital, Anlaby, Willerby and Hessle.

New Service 23 will run the old Service 246 route between Beverley and Hull, via Beckside and Woodmansey.

See our new Hornsea Buses Guide

See our new Beverley Buses Guide

Service 180 will now be run by a different bus company.

NEW Beverley Locals buses

Two new town services, Beverley Locals B1 & B2, will link all the different parts of the town: Molescroft, Butterfly Meadows, the hospital, Swinemoor, Flemingate, Beckside, Lidl, Lincoln Way and the town centre.  These will replace current Services 520 & 521.

As well as daytime buses, we'll also be running late buses on a Friday and Saturday night to help you get home after a night on the town.  Buses will leave Beverley Bus Station at 20:20, 21:15, 21:50, 22:45 and 23:20.

Service 122 will go by a more direct route, no longer serving St Leonard's Road and Copandale Road in Molescroft - the new Beverley Locals buses will now cover these parts of the route.

A day ticket on these services is just £3, and shorter hop fares are also available.

See the new Beverley Locals (including late night buses) and Service 122 timetables in our Beverley Buses Guide.

NEW route in York for EastRider X46/X47

EastRider X46 & X47 will have a new route in York, via Morrisons/retail park and Stonebow, avoiding the congestion around the old Piccadilly stop.

There will also be some minor changes to times.

See the new EastRider X46/X47 timetable.

Hull-Beverley-Bridlington Service 121

Service 121 will continue to run its normal route, but there will be minor changes to times.

See the new Service 121 timetable.

Hull-Hornsea Service 240

Service 240 will continue to run its normal route, but will be renumbered to Service 24, and there will be minor changes to times.

See the new Service 24 timetable

Better fares for Leconfield, Tickton and Woodmansey

The villages of Leconfield, Tickton and Woodmansey will now be moved into the Beverley zone, meaning people in these villages can pop into Beverley and back for just £3.  The £3 day ticket can also be used anywhere in Beverley, and you can use it an unlimited amount of times during the day.